Big Game Fishing - Catch Blue Marlin, Barracuda, Swordfish & Shark off the coast of Kenya

Big Game Fishing in Watamu Kenya

"Being a fanatical boat angler in the UK and owning my own fishing/charter business in the south of England, I can tell you that the bass fishing around the Isle of Wight and mid English Channel wrecking, is in my opinion, some of the best sea fishing in the country during the summer months.

As for winter fishing, I despise the grey skies, the cold, the rough seas, and of course, as we all know “Dog Fish”.flags
After fishing various places around the world, I was fortunate enough to visit Watamu in Kenya, which is situated on the East African coast.

This was now 7 years ago, and since then I have returned there many times. The fishing is spectacular, with three species of Marlin (Black, Blue and Stripey); Sail Fish; Broad Bill; Tuna; Wahoo; King Fish and of course many species of Shark.

Bottom fishing includes Snapper; Amber Jack; Grouper; Rock Cod and lots of other weird and wonderful fish.

This year I took a huge step and bought my own fishing/charter boat business in Watamu. With the fishing season starting in September and running through to the end of March which is their summer, this is perfect for getting away from the Dreary British Winter.

Hope to see you out there."


"Hi Steve, its Ashley, Eddy's grandson. I came last year on the 1st of Feb and got the grand slam! brilliant time i must say thanks a lot." Ashley (photos on gallery)

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Tega catches "Big Blue"

Read the events of Jennette's battle with the 'Big Blue' on April 1st 2011.

Fantasy Slam '2009'

Tega with Barry Milburn recorded a "Fantasy Slam"on a North Kenya Banks Overnight Trip 1 Black Marlin 100kgs 1 Blue Marlin 90kgs 1 Striped Marlin 55kgs 2 Broad Bill Sword Fish 13kgs and 16kgs 2 Sailfish.

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