Year: 2019

Micro loans or SMS loans – Micro loans / SMS loans | Payday Loans

When talking about the smaller loans available in the market, two words are often used to describe these and these are micro loans and SMS loans. What is the difference really? The short answer is that there is no major difference if you see how the words are used. But if you look at it […]

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Is it worth investing my money in a money market fund?

As we have discussed many times, the money market fund is not in a position to hold our money for a long time, because its yields fall short of bank deposits. (Although the transaction tax now shades the picture slightly.) But what it is: if you don’t need that amount for a couple of days […]

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100% mortgage in Mallorca: request information

Is it possible to hire a 100% mortgage today? Can we sign a 100% mortgage in Mallorca? What everyone knows is that banks finance 80%, but that 80% leads to confusion: is it 80% of the sale? 80% of the appraisal? Or the double restriction of 80%? In the generality of the cases, 80% of […]

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Do you know why car insurance now costs cheaper?

Still not insuring your car? Driving through the streets of Peru without having vehicle insurance is a challenge and, at the same time, a constant danger, since accidents occur every day and, without realizing it, you could get involved in some. Offering incentives for drivers to drive better is transmitted in savings for insurers, as […]

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Why waste money?

  Imagine this is a hot day and you are at the beach. He only has water to drink, and at the last minute he is desirous of drinking a beer. A friend will leave the beach and offer to bring you a beer from (a) Luxury Hotel or (b) local grocery store. Your friend […]

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Pros and Cons of Lending, Borrowing and Loans

Getting or not having money, this is the question that often puts all of us in a dilemma in the face of life’s opportunities. We have money, but on the other hand not enough for some plan that individuals imagine, or maybe we neglect to raise even the indispensable cost you get out of trouble, […]

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